APC continuously seeks to document and conserve significant heritage buildings. Masjid Kampung Dusun was discovered from our field research and we hope for funds to help its restoration

The rare tiger logo of a quranic khat inscription adorning the main door of Masjid Kampung Dusun, Jenagor, Hulu Terengganu. The date of 28th Rejab 1326 Hijriah (26 August 1908) as stated on the inscription confirmed this mosque as one of the earliest surviving mosque in Terengganu.

The tiger inscription read
‘Wattaqullaha  wayu’allimukumullahu  wallahu bikulli syay-in  ‘alim”

And fear Allah. And Allah teaches you. And Allah is Knower of all things.
Baqarah 2:282)

[“Dan  bertaqwalah  kepada  Allah,  niscaya  Allah mengajarimu  dan Allah  Maha Mengetahui  segala sesuatu”].
Baqarah. 282

Practice Background

Arkitek Punca Cipta is a design-focused architecture practice established in 1995 in Kuala Terengganu, a small town at the heart of East Coast Malaysia. Since October 2018, the firm was corporatized into Arkitek Punca Cipta Sdn Bhd with the joining new directors and opening of offices in Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Kota Bharu.

Since our foundation, we have established ourselves with a wide range of project experience in the building industry. We remain steadfast to our founding principal that no job is too small. By not limiting our definition, we are now experienced in diverse projects of differing scale; from product packaging, furniture design, single houses and commercial developments  to  large industrial complex.  Our expertise in conservation and traditional timber architecture, and the completion of a few significant heritage and conservation projects was awarded when in July 2017 we were declared as recipient of the Belian Award for the Commercial and Public Building category of the Malaysian Wood Award 2017 for Restoration of Rumah Warisan Haji Su in Losong Terengganu.

The studio environment that we maintained in our practice allow for collaboration between architects, clients, consultants and builders. We are passionate in delivering value-added design with the economically optimized technical solutions; some that are outright down to earth.


We appreciate that architecture service is both expression of affluence and social responsibility.  It sync with our philosophy that no job is too small and the social service segment had at times provided us with unique experience and satisfaction. One may find our product at the extreme  end of industrial robustness and intricate ornamentation; from large  factories to heritage and conservation .

The End Product

Architecture end product is an amalgam of spaces that eventually house people and material. We try to deliver an end product that pleases the owner and users, providing safety and protection, responsive to the environment and sensitive to the life-style and culture.

Material and Craftsmanship

We believe in the basics. That architecture is a product of honest use of materials crafted to the appropriate level of craftsmanship.  In our architecture, we repeatedly applies the nuances of local  material and crafts though at times in symbolic proportion.